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“Always give away your best stuff for free, always.  If you give away your best stuff, you will be forced to come up with better stuff.” -Author, Unknown.

I try to structure my blogging philosophy around that quote.  I am not the author of it, and to be honest, I am not sure who is.  I have heard Wil Reynolds say it at least once, and the concept of transparency is something that everyone in theMoz-Complex lives out every day.  I am impressed by people in this industry, because of their willingness to share information.  I can honestly say that the inbound marketing’s transparency has helped me learn everything I know about SEO (so thank you).

To prove that good quotes deserve to be more than just a quotes, I am going to give away something for free.  Here is a real SEO report that we use for one of our clients.  You can download the PSD, or PDF version and modify it for your own company.  I hope that you use this as inspiration for your own reports.  We believe that branding is a cornerstone in every company.  Every time you make contact with a customer, you make an impression on them.  We hope that you will take this report template, and modify the design to fit your branding.

Discuss The Report In Person:

In my opinion, the most valuable part of this report, (by far) is the design.  Aaron Patterson designed something similar to this for BrewSEO’s proposal system and it has since been modified to be an invoice, a PDF white-paper, a marketing plan, and a customer report. You should use this for a client who you have a close relationship with, because it is most effective when you can discuss the results in person (at least the first time you delver it).

Every Thing You Report On Should Be Paired With Actionable Advice:

Each graph, or statistic is paired with actionable advice on how the client can benefit from the data. For example, this particular client experiences a spike in traffic around popular holidays (which they are able to translate into e-commerce revenue.)  We suggested that they set up static holiday pages ( for each holiday.  That will help them focus on event promotion.


Well, enough is enough.  Enjoy, and feel free to embed this on your own blog as an example of a beautiful SEO Report.

Download The PSD or PDF here. If you appreciate this, please tweet about it

example of an seo report for clients


@Bryant is the founder/owner of BrewSEO. I have the privilege of helping companies grow their revenue with creative inbound marketing strategies. I love marketing, working with great people and the thrill of helping businesses make money.

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